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Welcome to the Muskoka-Simcoe Dental Society website! As a component society of the Ontario Dental Association (ODA), we represent the dentists in the Muskoka-Simcoe region. We support each and every one of our members and are devoted to the highest ethical standards. We are also committed to increasing awareness about the importance of oral health to the people of Muskoka-Simcoe and passionate about being active members of our community.




Image by Andrew Dunstan

It is my honor to serve as your president of the Muskoka Simcoe Dental Society.  I would first like to thank Laurie Houston for the hard work and dedication that she has shown as our past president.  Her guidance during the pandemic has been invaluable and her environmentally responsible initiatives should be commended.  I would encourage our members to follow her lead in making informed decisions on the materials we use and to recycle wherever possible in order to leave our children with a healthy environment.   I wish Laurie all the best in her new role as a board member at the ODA.

I have had a home in the Orillia area for over 20 years and three of my four children were born in this area.  I have been a practicing dentist for the same length of time and have been an associate and owner of multiple clinics throughout the GTA and surrounding areas.  In addition, I have served in the surgical department at Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital, where I have dealt with emergencies and provided dental treatment for the most vulnerable in our population.  I have worked with many dentists, specialists and medical staff throughout the years and am hoping to use these experiences in helping us through the pandemic.  I know that we are all frustrated with the changing situations and guidelines.  Please know that our executive team is here to answer questions and be a support to you through these challenging times.

We will be planning some in-person meetings with appropriate precautions as well as some virtual events in the near future.  Please stay tuned for updates.  All our event information and registration details can be found on this website. On behalf of the entire MSDS executive team we wish you all the best in the upcoming year and look forward to meeting you in person.

Dr. Joe Philip
President, Muskoka-Simcoe Dental Society

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